HttpPost and HttpGet

+01.03 Compare the function of HttpPost, HttpGet

HttpPost and HttpGet are the classes included in Apache Http library delivered with Android.


The POST method is used to request that the origin server accept the entity enclosed in the request as a new subordinate of the resource identified by the Request-URI in the Request-Line. POST is designed to allow a uniform method to cover the following functions:
1. Annotation of existing resources
2. Posting a message to a bulletin board, newsgroup, mailing list, or similar group of articles
3. Providing a block of data, such as the result of submitting a form, to a data-handling process
4. Extending a database through an append operation


The GET method means retrieve whatever information (in the form of an entity) is identified by the Request-URI. If the Request-URI refers to a data-producing process, it is the produced data which shall be returned as the entity in the response and not the source text of the process, unless that text happens to be the output of the process.


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